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Zema Montblanc Shop in shop: design and elegance from pen to backpac

Those who know us know how carefully we select the brands and products to offer to our customers. We aim for the refinement and elegance of products made to become an extension of those who will own and use them every day.

Zema is the reference point for all Montblanc fans in Bari. The Hamburg-based company, manufacturer of the most used and desired accessories by all design enthusiasts, has an entire section within our shop dedicated to the display of unique products of their kind, from pens to the proposal of refined backpacks and suitable for everyday life.

We are Montblanc shop in shop in Bari, and that is why we are the preferred point of sale for anyone looking for gift ideas for important people to whom to dedicate an important and refined present.

Your Montblanc gifts from Zema

The philosophy behind the German company is ours: to instill in each product a soul capable of taking an object to a higher level, a meaning capable of making a pen a symbol. This is why all Montblanc products in our shop are real collector's items, made to communicate a style, a personality, an ideal.

Inside our showcases it is possible to discover all the best writing instruments, from the iconic refill pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, fineliner, roller or pencils as well as the matching refill and stationery accessories.

A selection of perfect gift ideas for both men and women, from key rings to document holders, all finished in detail and built in top quality materials, made to be noticed.

Inside our store you can also buy the Montblanc line of backpacks and bags, all in leather, handcrafted with the same attention and attention to detail reserved for the production of pens and accessories for writing.

Zema in Bari is Montblanc shop in shop and is the place where you can find the best gift ideas for important occasions (private or corporate) made to make every occasion unforgettable and elegant every day.

Discover our exhibition in our online store or in Bari in Via Imbriani 32/34


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