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Passion for watches: how to choose the perfect one from Zema

The accessories we choose for our everyday outfit are the details that reveal our personality first. The same statement applies to the accessories we choose to furnish our environments, both work and private.

In both cases, among the gadgets that tell the most about us are watches: an integral part of our days, they mark our lives and our appointments like faithful personal assistants.

Every occasion and every environment has its reference watch; today we present some gift ideas for fans of the genre, perfect for every taste and style, even for those who prefer to have their wrists completely free!

Every occasion has its gift... and its watch!

Whether it's a special occasion or a simple thought, choosing the right watch to give as a gift is important to calibrate the gift to the occasion.

If you are looking for an important gift, aiming for a collector's item can prove to be a winning choice with a strong impact. For this kind of need, an accessory like our Trafalgar Square Clock is ideal.

In its refined London style, this wall clock is iconic of one of the most famous squares in the world from which it takes its name. It features a large dial with Roman numerals and physical hands for a sophisticated and modern design at the same time.

Alternatively, design enthusiasts will adore a truly original solution: our Vertical 4 Time vertical floor clock (also available in the more compact Vertical 3 Time version).

It is an accessory with a unique style and a strong visual impact, a shiny stainless steel structure with white dials. Furthermore, thanks to its supports for vertical orientation, it guarantees maximum stability.

Collectors of Luxury accessories will not be able to resist the TimeWalker table clock in Montblanc format: physical hands, large brilliant dial and unmistakable style make this clock a true collector's item for the few.

If you are looking for a wristwatch designed for masculine taste, in our shop you can find a selection of watches available in different colors and designs, with leather straps finished in detail and a vertical steel case.

You can browse the Zema watch catalog online at or come and choose your favorites directly in the shop. Inside our store you will find a large display of perfect products for every occasion and design with all the courtesy of our staff ready to recommend the perfect accessory for you or for the people you love.


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