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Shop in Official Shop

A vast display of the most sought after Montblanc products is available in our shop.
From refined pens to leather accessories, Zema, with an entire dedicated corner, is the first official Boutique of the exclusive Hamburg-based brand in Bari. 

About Our Leather

History and family

These are the years of full entrepreneurial ferment of the third generation of the Zema family. Our company and the Hamburg maison come together in a relationship of mutual trust and esteem, both strong with an entrepreneurial and commercial experience in which to share visions and ideals.

A relationship and a human understanding, before being purely commercial, were the key to starting a solid, prestigious and lasting collaboration.

Zema has been Montblanc Boutique in Bari for over thirty years

As part of an event shared by family and friends, we have formalized the link between Zema and Montblanc . We cherish the official photos of the opening evening in our historical photographic archive . With the presence of the commercial representative of the Hamburg maison, Zema becomes the first official Montblanc Boutique in Bari.

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