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Jewelery boxes, frames and other novelties in pure lacquered wood, from Zema

Wood is a perfect material to say the least: naturally present in nature (therefore 100% green), versatile for many uses and uses, capable of giving a refined and original look to any environment.

Anyone who knows us knows how closely the American classic style for interior design is linked to this material which characterizes the furniture, finishes and accessories.

To inaugurate the new year in style, we have included the new accessories for the home and office in our store display space: ideal as gifts for yourself or for your loved ones, they will be the protagonists of your living rooms and desks.

The accessories of the new "Arlecchino" lacquered wood collection are made to capture attention. With chromatic games with intense and bright colors, finishes that are very pleasant to the touch and functions that are useful in everyday life, they give elegance and refinement to your environment.

Four unique design accessories that you can't wait to display in your spaces to store your dearest objects, let's discover them together.

Ring holder: whether they are the most recently purchased ones or those of the family, rings are an important symbol for each of us. You can keep them inside a box made of very fine glossy lacquered wood with a snap closure to ensure safety and privacy. Thanks to its versatile design, the wooden ring box is also perfect for the bedroom.

Jewelry box: when you need more space for your jewelry but also more organization, a jewelry box is what you need. And with the new collection in glossy lacquered wood you can store your most precious objects inside a box with very comfortable dividers and finished in detail. Keeping your jewels inside such a refined jewelery box is a real pleasure of style and class.

Watch holder: if you love your watches and want to always have them in sight but without giving up order at home, you need to choose the right watch holder. Like the new 2023 model in the shop. Thanks to the presence of large internal dividing spaces, it allows you to store your favorite watches and always have them at hand (and in view) thanks to the presence of a sturdy transparent glass to appreciate your collection at all times.

And to accompany the most beautiful photos with an important decoration, the accessory set in glossy lacquered wood is completed with a frame of the same coordinated color line and suitable for any environment, from the home to the office.

The entire line of accessories in lacquered wood is on display in our store in via De Giosa in Bari, come and discover it together with a wide selection of products made to make your spaces iconic and original, always in line with your style and your personal taste.

And if you prefer to choose them online and receive them comfortably at home in a few days, visit our online shop to buy them right away.

For information and availability, we are waiting for you in the shop or you can contact us on +39 080 8642346


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