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Zema design: how to choose the perfect desk lamp for your needs

Anyone who does a job spending a lot of time behind their desk knows how many hours a day is spent in a studio or professional office.

In order for the work practice to be carried out in a comfortable and pleasant way, it is important to take care of the environment in which it will be carried out. Correct posture has the fundamental importance to be maintained throughout the working day as well as it is essential that the work area is correctly illuminated.

No less important are the hospitality (and the beauty) of the environment, the style of the details and the furnishings. With Zema furniture elements, choosing between taste and efficiency is no longer necessary. Today we help you choose the perfect desk or table lamp for your needs and tastes.

Zema design: come scegliere la lampada da scrivania perfetta per le tue esigenze
Zema design: how to choose the perfect desk lamp for your needs

Desk lamp, which one should I choose?

When choosing a new desk lamp, the first prerogative is always that of taste and design. We always guide our customers through the entire selection process, also based on the type of lighting they will need.

If you are looking for a desk lamp to carry out writing or drawing activities, it is important that the quality and intensity of the light are suitable and do not strain the eyes.

Another feature that will certainly be useful for the purpose described above is the possibility of directing the light in a targeted manner. This is the case with lamps equipped, for example, with an adjustable and movable arm.

For this first illustrated case, the most suitable Zema lamps are New York Lamp, Slide Lamp and Alexis Lamp.

If, on the other hand, your work involves the use of computers or backlit screens, the best choice is a desk lamp capable of spreading the light evenly. A lamp with an adjustable lampshade can be very useful, so that you can choose the intensity of the light from time to time.

In this case, the ideal Zema desk lamps are the Banker lamp, for the more classic tastes, or the Fucs lamp for a fixed light point and intensity.

Are you undecided which desk lamp to choose? We are waiting for you on our online shop to browse our digital catalog, choose your favorite and receive it comfortably at your home or we are waiting for you in the shop, in Bari in Via Imbriani 30/34.


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