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Our best backpacks for a back to school or office with style and functionality

September has arrived and the period of the year dedicated to returning to school and to the office begins. Choosing the right products with which to face the little big challenges of every day impacts the quality of daily life more than you can imagine.

Today we recommend our selection of high quality backpacks available in the store and within the online shop

Backpack for school and for the office: how to choose?

The choice of backpack is essential not only for boys and girls but also for professionals. Capacity, quality of materials, ergonomics and dedicated housings are the fundamental characteristics to be taken into consideration to guide one's choice.

Whether it's a backpack to use for school or for work, an important note to take into consideration is the one dedicated to the backrest. The ergonomic ones are preferable, that is, capable of following the natural curvature of the back in order to distribute the load in a correct and balanced way and without excessively straining the shoulders and neck area.

Another note closely related to the first is that relating to the shoulder straps: pay attention to the padding, sturdy but breathable and comfortable in such a way as to dissipate heat without increasing body sweating.

We pay attention to the safety factor. Especially within metropolitan areas there are frequent movements within public transport. Today the backpack, at school, in the office or at the university, is the first transport container in which we have laptops, cameras, smartphones and very important personal effects. Choosing a backpack designed to minimize the risk of shoplifting can be a smart and useful solution to prevent unpleasant surprises on returning home.

Inside our shop there is a wide selection of backpacks specially designed to make life difficult for the bad guys and keep everything that is important to you safe, even while you are distracted moving from one place to another or to the bar .

Are you deciding between a backpack or a satchel?

Choose a convertible backpack! At our shop you will find what is right for you with a backpack that can also be used as a bag thanks to the retractable shoulder straps and the double handle (vertical and horizontal).

Choose only the best for all your experiences, we are waiting for you in the store and in the section dedicated to Backpacks on


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