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Modern collectible hourglasses: buy them online and in-store, at Zema

They are iconic objects of the passage of time: classic, elegant and ideal for gifting and collecting, are the hourglasses. They are the protagonists in classy living rooms, conferring antique charm but at the same time contemporary thanks to the return in vogue of the vintage style. Ideal for decorating environments intended for reading or studying, the hourglasses are suitable for enriching any living room with an accent of character and design. They are perfect for gifts (including corporate gifts) on important occasions and holidays, available in many colors. If you are looking for an important, elegant gift made to be displayed in any refined setting, you can choose from the selected Zema hourglasses both within the online shop and within the physical store. Choose your favorite and you will want to collect them all. They are available in different colors and different sizes to blend harmoniously in both large and smaller spaces. The hourglasses that you can buy at our stores are so beautiful and refined that they will immediately give a magical atmosphere to your every room.

Choose the perfect one for every occasion among the 10, 15 and 30 minute variants and combinations with white, fuchsia, gray, black, red or yellow sand.

Are you looking for an original gift that is sure to please? Choose to give an object of timeless beauty and charm. At our shop in Bari in Via Imbriani 30/34, you can discover our selection of collectible hourglasses and choose the ideal one for every occasion. If, on the other hand, you prefer to buy online, you can browse our catalog on and receive them directly to your home in an easy and safe way, just a few days. Contact us for information, we are waiting for you in the store and on


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