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Hemp fiber hats and didactic and decorative globes

Zema is your point of reference for a refined, elegant but also useful gift. Even during the summer, choose only the best of the products selected for you by our family:

Cappelli in fibra di canapa
Hats in hemp fiber

discover our hats in hemp fiber, a naturally thermoregulatory and breathable material for your walks in the sun or give yourself a collectible globe!

Unleash your desire to explore with an educational or decorative globe. In the store you can choose from a wide range of colors, materials, sizes ... choose the perfect one for you!

mappamondi didattici e decoratiivi
Didactic and decorative globes

And if you are already out of town for your holidays, buy on our official shop and receive your purchases wherever you are with all the Zema guarantee, even online.

Zema Bari
Didactic and decorative globes


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