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Demetrio Zema S.r.l: history and evolution of a family business

The Zema sign is now an integral part of the urban landscape of the city center of Bari, impossible not to notice it and even more difficult to confuse it among the many.

What makes the brand recognizable is its style, able to communicate at first glance all the experience and history that has marked our professional path through the generations.

The entrepreneurial history of the Zema family begins in 1900, exactly on February 2nd.

It is a story of Apulian entrepreneurship of the past, founded by Cav. Demetrio Zema, forerunner of the times with his courageous industrial reality among the first to appear in the Bari area.

Everything that today represents our daily working life began like this, with a printing shop with over 100 employees serving among the most important customers of the time such as the Carabinieri of the Legions of Bari, Chieti and Oltremare. Imagine all this in a context where next to the printing plant, it was set up at the behest of Cav. Demetrio Zema, a stable to feed the horses of the Carabinieri who came to agree on orders and commissions. Scenarios from other times that help us to place the beginning of our business within an ancient temporal scenario.

The same romanticism and the same passion for craftsmanship have marked our time over the years and through the generations. The first took place immediately after the war when Cav. Demetrius succeeds his two sons, Michele and Gabriele.

It is time for the first major evolution: the printing plant is joined by a division dedicated to stationery items with the opening of two stores, one for wholesale and the other for retail. From that moment on, the entrepreneurial activity of the Zema family has enjoyed years of great success and satisfaction.

A blend of courage, hard work and dedication lead the company to become a leader in its sector not only in Puglia but throughout the country.

In 1972 Demetrio Zema S.r.l. was born. which includes the printing division and the stationery and office furniture division. It is time for the third generational change, the one that Cav. Giacomo Zema further expand the company's professional proposal up to the present day alongside the fourth generation, that of Dr. Sigismondo Zema.

What was born as a purely typographic business, over the years has married continuous evolutions from their time and the courage and entrepreneurial flair of the Zema family.

Today Zema in Bari is the reference point for lovers of high-end stationery but also of refined design objects and interior furnishings in American classic style.

Big brands like Montblanc exhibit their most prestigious collections inside the elegant windows of the old stationery shop in Via Imbriani and within its extension, that of the shop in Via De Giosa, you enter a dream place for lovers American design, from luxury items to furnishings.

Today Demetrio Zema S.r.l. consists of three commercial souls: the most classic dedicated to the supply of printed matter, that of stationery and office furniture. The latter includes the services sector signed by Zema: the contract division and major works dedicated to those who want a unique and unforgettable style in any environment.

Demetrio Zema S.r.l. represents in Italy the only historical company in the sector that is still operating and is always the national reference for excellence in its field.


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