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The perfect gadget for travelers is a Zema hemp fiber hat

If you are looking for a useful and original gift for friends who love travel and summer excursions, today we suggest our line of summer accessories par excellence: our hemp fiber hats.

… The perfect gift for those who want to get lost in long summer walks in the cities of art or for those who have already chosen the hottest destinations?

Those used to travel know it: the clothing gadget that you cannot give up is the hat! Protecting yourself from direct sunlight is important, it is even more so when the part to be covered is the naturally most exposed: the head.

The Zema hat line is made of hemp fiber, naturally thermoregulatory and breathable, it guarantees not only proper protection from direct sunlight but also ideal perspiration to avoid damaging or weakening the scalp.

Choose your favorite among all the variants available in the shop, in Bari in Via Imbriani 30/34 and on the online shop! On your purchases are always safe and protected by the Zema guarantee, you just have to give the best!


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